castello odescalchi di bracciano
castello odescalchi di bracciano

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How to reach the castle

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How to Reach Us by car
From the Autostrada A1 Milan-Rome (55 km from the exist):

- Take the Magliano Sabina exit and follow directions for Civita Castellana

- After10 km follow directions to Nepi and then take the SS Cassia towards Rome

- After 600 metres turn take the Settevene exit and drive for 11 km to Trevignano

- From Trevignano take the road to Bracciano

From Roma Nord (33 km from the Great Ring Road [GRA]):

- From the G.R.A. take exit 5 Cassia Veientana (Cassia bis) towards Viterbo

- After 15 km exit at Cesano

- Follow directions for the Stazione di Cesano (Cesano Railway Station), and then Osteria Nuova

- From Osteria Nuova (Provincial Road Braccianese) continue for 16 km to Bracciano

From Roma Est (41 km from the GRA):

- From the G.R.A. take exit 1 Aurelia towards Civitavecchia

- After 20 km follow directions for Ceri

- Once past Ceri continue for 12 km to Bracciano

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