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Visit with princess for children

In the fairytale Castle in Bracciano with its soaring towers and colourful flowering gardens the kings and princesses of days gone by wait serenely for visitors, young and old, to play together, tell stories and solve riddles.

Storytelling, riddles and games - an itinerary tailor-made for children to discover the Castle.

This tour is guaranteed to plunge participants into the wonderful world of history and the imagination.

Scheduled every Sunday at 11:30 am

Duration: 1 hour

Admission price: € 8.50 for adults, € 6 for children aged 3+.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.


Visit animated with characters

Visit with animated trail, travel, unique, and unrepeatable between history and legend. The children meet in the halls of the Castle a series of legendary characters that are the protagonists of a story that ends in the Well Room.
When: the SECOND Sunday of the month at 15:00
Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes approx.
Cost: € 15,00 per person;
children must be accompanied by an adult.
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The Castle Escape
with Recovery Energy

This is a different approach to the interactive activities held in the Castle for families and children. After the traditional tour to discover all the secrets of the old rooms, participants visit a separate part of the Castle: the old stables. To avoid being thrown into the Castle’s dungeons participants have to invent their own escape route. They play games and are taught little tricks about how to tie simple knots and use ropes so that they can literally lower themselves down the castle walls to escape imprisonment. Trained staff are on hand to supervise and ensure safety.

This amusing game is a unique way to experience the old walls and personally discover the real heart and soul of a fortress.

For families and children aged 5+

Duration: approximately 2 hours (one hour guided tour and one hour activities)

Admission price: € 15 per person (special rates and discounts available)

The Secret passage
with Recovery Energy

Discover the "Secret Passage" in the Odescalchi Castle during an exciting tour designed for families and children aged 8+.

After the full guided tour of the Castle rooms participants will be provided with the proper equipment to scale the walls as a roped party to reach the ramparts and patrol paths and enjoy the incredible, breathtaking view. From this vantage point participants can take in the town of Bracciano, the Tolfa mountains, Mount Soratte, Terminillo and the Lucretili Mountains as well as splendid views of the lake.

The excitement doesn’t stop here. Participants can experience the thrill of descending into the dark depths of the Castle. Using simple speleological techniques, the roped party will lower itself into the Castle’s main cistern and then exit through a secret passage!

For families and children aged 8+

Duration: approximately three hours. Guided tour: one hour; activities: two hours.

Admission price: € 29 per person (special rates and discounts available)


Birthdays at the Castle 

Exciting, unusual birthday parties can be arranged at the Castle for youngsters aged 5-10. This includes a tour of the Castle Museum, several group activities and the cutting of the birthday cake. The young birthday boy or girl and his/her friends will celebrate in a specially designated room in the Castle.


Up to 20 children may be invited accompanied by a minimum of two and a maximum of five adults responsible for keeping an eye on the children during the party and scheduled activities. The accompanying adults will be held fully responsible for the children’s behaviour.

Depending on the ages of the participants, activities can be chosen from among the different educational proposals envisaged in schools.

After selecting the most interesting activity, it is important to book 10-20 days in advance, either by phone or email.

The family of the birthday boy or girl must arrive half an hour before commencement of the party in order to prepare the room and lay out the refreshments. At the end of the party, all litter must be cleared from the room and placed in the containers provided.


Everyday at the following times:

from October 15 to March 15: from 15:00 to 17:30

from March 15 to October 15: from 15:00 to 17:30 or from 16:00 to 18:30

Approximately two hours

€ 350, including the tour, workshop and private rooms; families are in charge of the buffet. For each additional child (up to a total of 25), the cost is € 8.50 per child. Parents of children who have been invited to a party may tour the Castle at a reduced cost of € 5 per person. The tour arranged for this group of parents will end in time for them to pick up their children on their way out. If a party is booked at the castle, guests may purchase bookshop gadgets at a discounted rate (-10%).

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