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22/11/2016, 01:00


 Luxury Weddings in Rome: Odescalchi Castle - A Wonderful Venue in Bracciano

An extraordinary, luxury wedding in a beautiful castle: a romantic soul hopes this day to be the most beautiful and exciting of his life, a love promise with the beloved soul and unique moments to be shared with parents and guests. A lot of things must be taken into account: the church, the reception, the food and the cake, invitations, wedding favors, the honeymoon and so on.
The variables are so many that you should always be present and rational to face every aspect in its smallest details.

Certainly one of the key points is the place where to say the most important Yes of your life!

At about 20 miles from Rome, along the southern bank of Lake Bracciano, the Odescalchi Castle is one of the most beautiful feudal castles in Europe, with stunning rooms completely furnished, and a lot of frescoes and paintings to embellish it.

Thanks to these features, the halls, the inside courts, the secret garden and the consacrated church, it has became the ideal setting for top class weddings.

Many famous people have chosen Odescalchi castle for their luxury Italian wedding, such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Martin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini.
Just 250 guests witnessed the fairytale wedding of Petra Ecclestone (daughter of a proud Bernie Ecclestone, former pilot and father of today’s Formula1) back to 2011, when she arrived at the venue with a vintage Rolls Royce, whose driver was none other than F1 star Jean Alesi.
The castle can host more than one thousand people between the inside and outside areas, but thanks to the disposal of the inside halls and some secret corners, it is suitable for intimate cerimonies of less than 200 guests too.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a traditional venue for Catholic rites and the perfect place to celebrate an exclusive wedding in Rome. A tunnel runs between the Castle and the church with its medieval exterior and interior where priceless paintings can be admired: this tunnel is used by the bride to enter the church while all the other guests reach their seats by walking through the medieval hamlet.

For the reception the future spouses can choose between the rooms on the Piano Nobile and the beautiful gardens in the Castle grounds.

The Secret Garden with its breathtaking view over Lake Bracciano is ideal for a welcome drink and cocktails.

In the inside many astounding locations can be used to share a unique atmosphere with your guests:
- The Hall of the Caesars is an elegant reception rooms in the noble wing of the Castle. Guests are welcomed in a historical milieu surrounded by busts of Caesars (thus its name come from), painted ceilings and an astounding fresco depicted by Antoniazzo Romano.

- The court of honour: a large paved area with a majestic double arched loggia, ideal place for cutting the wedding cake, can also be used as dancefloor for truly lively weddings!

- The armoury rooms: great for cocktails and the after-dinner with its stunning stone arches and ancient furnishings

It takes less than a hour from Rome to arrive to Odescalchi Castle, a magic place built back in 1470 around an ancient medieval rock. It is by far one of the most exclusive and enchanting venues for weddings in Rome, and it is full of history too.

So what are you waiting for? If your luxury wedding in Rome awaits for a church and a dreamy place for the reception, there’s no doubt: Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano is the right way to go!


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